Tall and elegant, sophisticated and commanding, this six-tier design is inspired by the classic romance of flowers such as lily of the valley, orchids and roses. Inspired by luxurious lace and delicate beading in white to symbolise purity, together with flowing hand-crafted flowers.

The Arabella cake by Yevnig unveiled at the Corinthia hotel, London in May 2019 [gallery_bank source_type="gallery" id="85" layout_type="thumbnail_layout" alignment="left" lightbox_type="foo_box_free_edition" order_images_by="sort_asc" sort_images_by="sort_order" gallery_title="hide" gallery_description="show" thumbnail_title="show" thumbnail_description="hide" filters="disable" lazy_load="disable" search_box="disable" order_by="disable" columns="4" page_navigation="disable" animation_effects="fadeIn" special_effects="none"][/gallery_bank]