Your Luxury Wedding Cake Questions Answered by Yevnig

We are here to answer any questions regarding the design and booking of your dream cake and ‘cake journey’. A few frequently asked questions are noted below.

If there are any aspects of our service that are not covered here please do get in touch.

I have a (really) urgent requirement / need to speak with you?

Due to the nature of our bespoke production and service we aren’t always able to respond immediately to queries, or be able to accept ‘rush-jobs’. However, we always endeavour to help you where we can.

In a real hurry, you may send an email to or call on 01256 421984 (leaving a message if no answer).

How much do your cakes cost?

Naturally each of our designs is unique by nature, personal and bespoke, meaning we don’t offer a price list or have set costs. Please do contact us here with basic information about your event to begin your exclusive cake-journey and receive a personalised quote.

As a guideline, By Yevnig one-off centrepiece cakes designed exclusively for you, start from £1500 and our glorious occasion cakes start from £750.

Our high-end service may not always be most appropriate for bookings where budget is a concern. However, do get in touch as we are always delighted to discuss unusual or alternative ideas. Please keep in mind we are not a commercial baker and each of our undertakings is appropriately scheduled and resourced by skilled and professional artisans.

Can I choose one of the wedding cakes from those shown on your website (or we’ve seen on your social media)?

It’s an honour to learn our designs are loved so much! Any cake featured on our website may be used for inspiration.

We are often asked to recreate our classics and we can help! Please feel free to mention any of our cakes by name when you enquire here as this helps us understand what you like and how best we can assist.

Do you bake your own wedding cakes?

Our signature cakes are baked by us in our professional kitchen. It’s very important to us that our cakes taste as good as they look, so we put a lot of love into baking, filling, ganaching and icing them! We use only the finest ingredients to produce deliciously moist cakes and wonderfully flavoursome fillings.

Will you deliver our wedding cake?

Yes, as part of our bespoke by Yevnig service. We will transport your cake to your venue and personally ensure that it is set up and completed with any finishing touches as discussed in your consultation. When the setup is complete, we will sign over the care of your cake to your venue or wedding planner.

By arrangement, smaller cakes may be collected from our kitchen near Winchester, Hampshire.

I want to use fresh flowers on my wedding cake, is this possible?

Yes, although there are some flowers that cannot be used. With our bespoke by Yevnig service, we work with your florist to ensure that the flowers are suitable for cake decoration and will liaise with them to ensure seamless delivery to your venue where they will be assembled on to the cake.

How far in advance of our wedding should we order our cake?

Ideally six months or more gives us both the greatest flexibility for your cake journey to unfold organically and at a relaxed pace, but we understand it sometimes circumstances dictate things are tight on time. Please do contact us, clearly stating your wedding date and highlighting if it’s an urgent request. We will do our best to help.

Save the Date

Our availability can become extremely limited during peak wedding season due to the individual nature of our service. Therefore, we recommend that you use our save the date option. By making a smaller non-refundable deposit payment prior to consultation / quotation, we will secure your event date in our diary and give you an additional 2 weeks to decide once the quote is issued. Both options are fully deductible against the cost of your main cake, so are effectively free when you book with us. Please enquire for further details.

Can we taste your cakes?

Yes, of course! If you are booking our bespoke service, we will present to you a selection of our signature flavours for tasting during your initial consultation.

Can we choose different flavours for each tier?

Each tier of your wedding cake can be different flavours. If you just can’t choose between our delicious options, we are happy to discuss with you which flavour combinations work best.

Is it possible to have a vegan, eggless or gluten free tier?

We cater for special dietary requirements and are delighted to offer a wide range of Vegan, Gluten-Free and Eggless cakes. Please indicate this on our contact form.

Can we send our guests home with a slice of our cake?

Yes, of course. We can arrange to have your cake cut into perfect slices and boxed ready for your guests to take home. Alternatively, you may wish to offer your guests a delicious favour pre-boxed for your guests to take a slice of the magic home with them.

How should we cut the cake?

If your cake is being handed over to your venue event team, we will carefully explain the correct cutting procedure and supply a printed cutting guide on delivery.

If you will be cutting your cake yourselves, we will provide you with a clear cutting guide (however, for reference, please refer to our portion guidelines).

If you have any other questions, we are more than happy for you to contact us.

Begin your cake journey!

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