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Flavours & Fillings

From our renowned bespoke wedding cakes to luxurious special occasion treats, our signature flavours and fillings ensure cakes By Yevnig taste every bit as amazing as they look.

Using only the finest of ingredients; you can be sure that our sponges are light, fluffy and moist and our buttercreams silky and indulgent.
You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to cake, buttercream and ganache flavours. We’re more than happy to assist you with which combinations work best!

Supreme Vanilla

Feather-light and moist, our classic vanilla sponge cake pairs perfectly with vanilla buttercream and smooth, pip less, strawberry or raspberry preserve.

Strawberry & Champagne

Our deliciously moist yet light sponge cake delicately made with champagne, filled with Swiss meringue buttercream and Marc de Champagne strawberry preserve.

Lemon Drizzle Sponge

Zesty lemon sponge drizzled with lemon curd and filled with our lemon-infused Swiss meringue buttercream.

Refreshing Orange Sponge

Light, moist and delightfully refreshing sponge drizzled with orange and filled with a rich orange curd and a choice of orange-flavoured Swiss meringue buttercream or orange marmalade.

Chocolate Orange

Alternating tiers of chocolate cake infused with orange zest and our orange sponge layered with a rich chocolate buttercream and orange curd.


Baked with pure coconut cream for an intense flavour and deliciously moist cake.

Coconut & Lime

Lime zest brings a zing to our coconut cake which is complemented with a tangy lime curd filling.

Coffee & Pecan

Bursting with the rich flavours of espresso and pecan.


For the coffee and chocolate lover, our chocolate sponge with a rich coffee-infused filling.

Carrot & Pecan

Gently spiced carrot cake with a generous helping of crushed pecans filled with a choice of cream cheese or vanilla buttercream.

Hazelnut & Raspberry

Nutty and fruity cake packed with hazelnuts and raspberries complemented with our raspberry infused Swiss meringue buttercream filling.

Caramel Fudge

White chocolate cake enriched with maple syrup, milk and brown sugar for a deliciously sweet fudge flavour which pairs perfectly with our salted caramel filling.


Our special take on the classic banana-toffee flavour; a rich cake made with oodles of bananas, brown sugar and filled with sweet Dulce de Leche.

Rich Dark Fruit Cake

Made to a traditional fruit cake recipe and coated with golden marzipan, our dark and moist fruit cake must be baked well in advance of your big day. We feed it regularly with brandy to mature the cake making it moist and exceptionally tasty.

Tropical & Light Fruit Cake

A light and delicate alternative to the traditional dark fruit cake made with tropical fruits, nuts and drizzled with honey and rum syrup coated with white, light marzipan.

Boozy Rum Cake

Inspired by the classic Caribbean rum cake, the flavours make for a very special pudding.

Devil’s Chocolate Mud Cake

Indulgently rich and made with 100% cocoa powder, couverture chocolate and filled with mocha Swiss meringue buttercream. For an even more indulgent experience, choose our dark chocolate ganache filling.

Chocolate Crunch Cake

Belgium chocolate sponge cake layered with a delicious praline and crunchy almonds.

Chocolate Stout

Gorgeously rich dark chocolate cake with a splash of stout perfectly paired with our Baileys Swiss meringue buttercream filling. Our most popular flavour!

Marble Cake

Mix of light chocolate and vanilla sponge swirled in a marble effect, with a choice of white chocolate or vanilla buttercream filling.

Red Velvet

Smooth and luxuriously chocolate red velvet cake pairs well with our white chocolate Swiss meringue filling.

Black Forest

Rich and indulgent chocolate cake with a cherry jam and oodles of cherry pieces, paired with our white chocolate Swiss meringue filling.

Chocolate Coconut Sponge

Our chocolate cake infused with desiccated coconut and intensified with coconut cream.

White Chocolate & Raspberry

Our wonderful dense and moist couverture white chocolate cake enriched with our delicious white chocolate icing infused with raspberry pieces and paired with white chocolate icing and raspberry jam.


Delicious mango sponge with mango infused with Mango Swiss meringue buttercream.

Pistachio & Rose

Delicate sponge with the crunch of pistachio filled with rose infused preserve and a pistachio Swiss meringue buttercream.

Pistachio & Raspberry

Feather-light sponge with the crunch of pistachio filled with raspberry infused preserve and a pistachio Swiss meringue buttercream.

Lemon & Elderflower

Fresh and zesty lemon sponge filled with Swiss meringue buttercream infused with elderflower.

Lemon & Wild Blueberry

Zesty lemon sponge with blueberries filled with a Swiss meringue buttercream and blueberry preserve.


Light and delicate sponge cake with fresh lavender and lavender Swiss meringue buttercream.


A boozy sponge cake drizzled with coffee and a hint of cocoa powder with a creamy coffee Swiss meringue filling.

Cookies & Cream

Delicate vanilla sponge with crushed Oreo cookies and a Swiss meringue buttercream filling.


A sweetly delicate sponge with honey Swiss meringue filling.

Such a memorable cake

“Yevnig kindly made my bespoke wedding cake, she had quite a challenge as my fiancé and I had some very different ideas at the tasting session, she cheerfully brought us together with her wonderful suggestions. Different flavoured tiers, including a vegan layer. On the day, we were a wash with comments from the guests commenting on how tasty the cake was, and how the flavours were delicious. Thank you so much for producing such a memorable cake.” Louisa

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