Inspired by the rich history of the Elizabethan era, this five-tier design epitomises the grandeur and elegance of 16th Century royal costume. Alongside Queen Elizabeth’s famed frilled collar, jewelled headpiece and crown, detail is drawn from the jewelled embroideries, Elizabethan ruffs, farthingales, pristine lace and pearl embroidery of the period. Hand-crafted sugar flowers adorn the cake, aged in beautiful dusky blushes and olive greens.

The Elizabeth cake by Yevnig unveiled at the Corinthia Hotel London in May 2019 [gallery_bank source_type="gallery" id="84" layout_type="thumbnail_layout" alignment="left" lightbox_type="foo_box_free_edition" order_images_by="sort_asc" sort_images_by="sort_order" gallery_title="hide" gallery_description="show" thumbnail_title="show" thumbnail_description="hide" filters="disable" lazy_load="disable" search_box="disable" order_by="disable" columns="4" page_navigation="disable" animation_effects="fadeIn" special_effects="none"][/gallery_bank]

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