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Yevnig has developed a range of recipes and baking techniques to achieve superlative cakes. We are proud to be recognised and to receive amazing feedback on the taste and texture of our cakes.

The very best flour, organic cocoa, Madagascan vanilla, pure butter, Fairtrade sugar and Belgium couverture chocolate are just a few of the luxury ingredients our cakes and fillings are freshly prepared from - ensuring they taste as amazing as they look.

Our silky Buttercream fillings are very moreish, yet are delightfully light and offered in a wide range of flavours. Choose from All-Butter traditional Buttercream to our fine and delicate signature Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Indulge in decadent truffle coverture ganache coating; available in rich dark, luxury-milk and smooth-white chocolate truffle, to perfectly accompany most of our cake flavours.

Our signature sugarpaste icing is also very subtle and tasty in its own right.

Supreme Vanilla

Our enduring classic feather-light moist vanilla sponge cake, filled traditionally with vanilla buttercream and strawberry or raspberry preserve (normally smooth preserve without pips).

Strawberry & Champagne

Classic feather-light moist Champagne light sponge cake, filled traditionally with Luxurious Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Marc De Champagne Strawberry preserve.

Lemon Drizzle Sponge Cake

A zesty lemon cake, drizzled with lemon curd and filled with our special lemon-infused Swiss Meringue buttercream.

Refreshing Orange Sponge Cake

A perfectly moist and light summery sponge cake, baked with real oranges and drizzled with a rich orange curd. Delicious with our orange-flavoured Swiss Meringue buttercream and optional orange marmalade.

Chocolate Orange Cake

An alternating tier of chocolate cake infused with orange zest and orange sponge layered with a rich chocolate buttercream & orange curd.


If you like coconut, you’ll love our moist and tasty coconut cake, which is really ‘coconutty’! Baked with pure coconut cream (desiccated coconut is optional), an intense flavour is assured.

Coconut & Lime

If you like your coconut cake with a zesty twist, you’ll love our moist and tasty coconut cake with a tangy lime curd filling.

Walnut & Coffee

A rich coffee flavoured cake, busting with Espresso and Walnut tastes.

Mocha Cake

For the coffee lovers; a moist coffee-infused light sponge with a rich coffee flavoured filling.

Carrot and Pecan Cake

A delicate, gently spiced carrot sponge cake with a generous helping of crushed pecans; deliciously moist filled with either cream-cheese or vanilla buttercream.

Hazelnut & Raspberry

A nutty & fruity cake with hazelnut crunches & raspberry sensations. Great with our raspberry-infused Swiss Meringue buttercream filling too.

Caramel Fudge

A marvellous white chocolate cake, enriched with maple syrup, milk & brown sugar. Try our secret salted caramelised filling for the height of luxury!


Our special take on the classic banana-based recipe; a rich cake made with brown sugar, oodles of bananas (of course) along with sweet Dulce de Leche.

Banana & Spice

A very moist Banana Cake with warming cinnamon spices and a sweet banana filling.

Rich Dark Fruit Cake

This is our traditional rich recipe for the true fruit cake connoisseur. Coated with golden marzipan, our dark and moist fruit cake is exceptionally tasty – but must be made in well in advance! Whilst we mature the cake, we regularly feed it with brandy, ready for the big-day. Hic!

Tropical & Light Fruit Cake

Yevnig has developed a great alternative to the traditional dark fruit cake. Our tropical and light fruit cake is not so heavy and, as fruit cakes go, is rather delicate! A tasty recipe, made with tropical fruits, nuts and drizzled with a honey and rum syrup. We coat our refined tropical fruit cake with white and light marzipan too.

Boozy Rum Cake

Our rum cake is a Caribbean-inspired heavenly dessert cake. Rum cakes are a traditional holiday season dessert, and ours makes a very special pudding.

Devil’s Chocolate Mud Cake

This one is indulgent, but great! A heavenly super-rich, moist and decadent chocolate cake, made with 100% cocoa powder and coverture chocolate which partners nicely with our mocha Swiss Meringue buttercream. For the veteran chocoholic, why not intensify the experience with our dark chocolate-ganache filling?

Chocolate Crunch Cake

A chocolate sponge cake made with Belgium rich chocolate layered with a delicious praline, complemented with crunchy almond nuts

Chocolate Stout

Our most popular flavour and a real favourite of our regular customers! A gorgeously rich and dark chocolate cake with a cheeky hint of Stout; perfect with our Baileys Swiss Meringue buttercream filling.

Marble Cake

A great mix of light chocolate cake and light vanilla sponge, swirled like marble; try it with a choice of white chocolate or vanilla buttercream filling.

Red Velvet

Another of our often-requested classics, and with good reason! A smooth and luxurious chocolatey red velvet cake is ideal with our white chocolate Swiss Meringue filling.

Black Forest

A rich and indulgent chocolate cake with cherry jam with cherry pieces; perfect with our white chocolate Swiss Meringue filling.

Chocolate Coconut Sponge Cake

A chocolate cake infused with desiccated coconut & intensified with coconut cream.

White Chocolate Mud Cake

A twist on the classic mud cake… We bake a wonderful dense and moist coverture white chocolate mud cake, enriched with our flavoursome white chocolate Icing.

White Chocolate & Raspberry

Our coverture white chocolate enriched Mud cake, infused with raspberry bits with white chocolate icing & raspberry Jam. Delicious!

White Chocolate & Blueberries

Our coverture white chocolate enriched Mud cake, infused with Blueberry bits with white chocolate icing & Blueberry Jam.

White Chocolate & Strawberry

Our special white chocolate cake, packed with strawberries. Lovely with our tasty strawberry Swiss Meringue icing