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Stand Hire

It is essential to present a centrepiece cakes at its best. Our complementary cake stands & knife sets come highly recommended and we offer a wide range of items for hire, including extravagant Dessert Table articles.

Silver, glass, wooden or and porcelain Cake Stands along with opulent Knife Set options will be discussed during the consultation and our personal recommendations given.

Portion Guidelines

A Unique Cake is, by its nature, often non-standard. Therefore the following table is intended only as an indication of tier-size vs. number of feeds. Correct sizing of the tiers is carefully determined according to the needs of the commission, during the detailed design process.

From intimate to very-large weddings, many creative options are available to increase (or decrease) the number of portions available whilst maintaining the overall look, feel and stature of the cake.

For generous dessert portioning, we recommend square-cutting our cakes at 1” x 2”. For smaller portioning, i.e. when serving with coffee (or for fruit cakes) we recommend cutting 1” x 1”:

Round Square
Dessert Coffee Dessert Coffee
dia 2″ x 1″ 1″ x 1″ 2″ x 1″ 1″ x 1″
4″ 6 10 8 16
5″ 8 16 12 25
6″ 13 24 18 36
7″ 18 32 24 49
8″ 22 44 32 64
9″ 30 52 40 81
10″ 38 68 50 100
11″ 46 88 60 121
12″ 54 104 72 144
13″ 64 120 84 169
14″ 74 144 98 196
15″ 86 156 112 225
16″ 96 188 128 256
Unique Cakes by Yevnig provide comprehensive cutting and serving information to the venue Unique Cakes by Yevnig provide comprehensive cutting and serving information to the venue Unique Cakes by Yevnig provide comprehensive cutting and serving information to the venue Unique Cakes by Yevnig provide comprehensive cutting and serving information to the venue

During the handover on the wedding day, we carefully explain the correct cutting procedure to the responsible person at the venue and supply a printed cutting guide.


We operate as an artisan boutique, not a commercial bakery. By booking with Unique Cakes by Yevnig, the client commissions the Designer to personally create a true one-off centrepiece, exclusively for them. We strictly limit the number of orders to maintain our quality and as such, we always recommend contacting us at the earliest opportunity to check availability. For bespoke commissions, our minimum spend is £750 for intimate weddings and from £250 for special occasions.

Questions & Answers

Did we answer your question? If not please contact us.

Q. Do you deliver our wedding cake?

Yes. Our delivery & professional setup service is an integral part of the experience of commissioning a luxury bespoke wedding cake from Unique Cakes by Yevnig. Due to the nature of our typical grand centrepiece wedding cakes, collection is often not appropriate.

Q. How many flavours can I have?

Each tier of our wedding cakes can be a different flavour and if choosing extended-height tiers, each tier can be made of 2 strata of different cake. During the personal consultation, we discuss various options to ensure the client’s favourite flavours are accommodated.

Q. Do I have to choose one of the wedding cakes from your portfolio?

Absolutely not. All the cakes featured on our website are provided for inspiration. The very ethos of Unique Cakes by Yevnig is to individually design and create dream Wedding Cakes around each of our client’s individual themes and aspirations, a journey that begins with a personal consultation to discuss ideas. If a previous design of ours is appealing, of course it is possible to commission a similar version. Also (by request), we also offer a range of non-customisable pre-designed options, known as our “Unique Boutique Cakes”. Please call us to discuss.

Q. I’ve seen a few wedding cakes that I like on your website. Can you combine wedding cake designs?

Yes. In principle, elements of various designs can be combined. This can be discussed in greater detail during the consultation meeting.

Q. I want to use fresh flowers on my wedding cake. Is this possible?

Using fresh flowers on a wedding cake looks beautiful and typically presents no issue (although there are some flowers that cannot be used). Typically, the client’s florist will supply the flowers for us to incorporate on the cake at the venue, on the wedding day. We liaise with the florist beforehand of course, to ensure everything is prepared accordingly.

Q. Do you bake your own wedding cakes?

Naturally. All our cakes are baked by us and we put a lot of love into each of them. It’s so important that our wedding cakes taste as good as they look. For us, it’s all about quality and we use only the finest of ingredients. Yevnig has developed her own baking techniques and is commended and recognised for deliciously-moist cakes and wonderfully-flavoursome favours and treats.

Q. Can we taste your cakes?

During the initial consultation meeting, a selection of our signature flavours are presented for tasting, along with our finest truffles and fillings.

Q. I’m looking for general advice on how to choose my wedding cake?

We would love to help. Please contact us arrange a consultation.

Q. How to contact Unique Cakes by Yevnig?

The quickest way to get in touch, to make an enquiry to start your own personal cake journey with Unique Cakes by Yevnig, please contact us here. If you wish to call us, our landline is 01256 421984 and Mobile 07827 298832. Our email address is for non-cake enquiry matters (i.e. Press and Media correspondence).

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