The Great Room at Spencer House with luxury wedding cakes and dessert table By Yevnnig
Renaissance By Yevnig: A Magical Evening

In celebration of the launch of Yevnig’s 2024 luxury cake and dessert table collection, Renaissance By Yevnig, we spent a magical evening in the majestic setting of Spencer House, London with friends, colleagues and influencers from the wedding and event industry.  

View of Spencer House from the garden at night with By Yevnig luxury cakes seen at the windows by Xander Casey Photography
Spencer House. Image by Xander Casey 

The Evening

Spencer House hosted our guests on a journey through an evolution of artistic expression. 

Intricate patterns, elaborate craftsmanship, delicate detailing and the unwavering pursuit for perfection converged to create an exquisite embodiment of boundless creativity culminating in the ‘Renaissance’ By Yevnig; a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing a remarkable synergy between bridal couture, historic architecture and luxury cake design. 

The air was suffused with the sweet fragrance of fondant, and senses delighted in triumphant signature cake flavours. Incredible centrepiece creations were marvelled and a sumptuous feast of delectable, sweet treats indulged. 

Film by The Wedding Filmmakers

The Renaissance By Yevnig Collection 

Always at the heart of Yevnig’s collections, is a deep love for the finest bridal couture fabrics and embroidery, and a passion for grand architectural design and regal history. Inspiration converge in this most impressive collection.  


A true marvel that effortlessly captures the grandeur and romance of a bygone era, ‘Florence’ stands as a beautifully orchestrated symphony of historical and architectural influences.   

By Yevnig luxury wedding cake, Florence sits in the alcove of the Palm Room, Spencer House.
Florence in the Palm Room, Spencer House. Image by Xander Casey 

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of the Palm Room at Spencer House, London, this opulent creation unfolds in seven tiers expertly iced in hues of ivory and soft-sage green, embellished with lavish gilded detailing and a captivating representation of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.  

Luxury wedding cake, Florence, By Yevnig in the Palm Room at Spencer House
Florence, Image by Xander Casey 
Luxury wedding cake, Florence, By Yevnig, in the Palm Room at Spencer House
Florence, Image by Xander Casey 

Symmetrical arches that echo the grace of Baroque vaulted cupolas are framed by intricately hand-painted palm leaf details in 24-carat edible gold with the palm leaf motif woven throughout the masterpiece in uniform repeating patterns. 

In homage to the fragrant blooms cherished by Catherine de Medici of Florence during the Renaissance, three opulent bouquets showcasing Yevnig’s fine mastery of sugar craft and an unparalleled attention to detail are abundant with roses, dahlias and soft flowing foliage. These delicate arrangements, coupled with a resplendent floral urn sitting atop, add a touch of femininity to the sheer magnificence of this extraordinary cake.   

Hand crafted sugar flower By Yevnig
Details of Florence. Image by Xander Casey 

The Carousel 

An enchanting masterpiece that radiates playful nostalgia inspired by the beauty and charm of a vintage fairground, ‘The Carousel’ is an extraordinary cake which captures the whimsy of yesteryear with a traditional fairground merry-go-round sitting centre stage, delightfully in motion.  

The Carousel luxury occasion cake and dessert table by Yevnig in the Music Room at Spencer House.
The Carousel Luxury Occasion Cake and Dessert Table. Image by Xander Casey 

This showstopper cake, decorated in a palette of ivory and soft blue has a touch of Baroque opulence with gilded swags and palm leaf motifs in resplendent 24-carat gold.    

Perfect for a baby shower or a luxurious child’s birthday celebration, this centrepiece cake commands attention. Complemented by a decadent dessert table, adorned with an array of sweet delights from delicate madeleines and biscuits to tempting bon-bons. 

The Carousel, luxury dessert table with statement centrepiece cake, By Yevnig
The Carousel, Image by Xander Casey 
Sweet treats from a luxury dessert table By Yevnig
The Carousel Dessert Table Meringues.
Image by Xander Casey 
Decorative details of The Carousel By Yevnig
Decorative Details of The Carousel.
Image by Xander Casey 
Sweet treats from a luxury dessert table By Yevnig
The Carousel Dessert Table Biscuits.
Image by Xander Casey 


‘Regalia’ stands as the epitome of sophistication, an immaculate, pure white, contemporary take on the traditional wedding cake, meticulously crafted for couples desiring the timeless allure of tradition with a modern twist.   

This elegant masterpiece, towering at an impressive 185cm, is a testament to refined simplicity, entirely adorned in white sugar paste. Drawing inspiration from historic regal wedding cakes, it is a luxurious symbol of refined taste and timeless love.  

Luxury contemporary wedding cake, Regalia, By Yevnig in the Great Room at Spencer House
Luxury Wedding Cake ‘Regalia’. Image by Xander Casey 

Impeccable in its design, ‘Regalia’ showcases the artist’s extraordinary attention to detail and precision. Over 1000 meticulously hand-sculpted sugar blossoms cascade in swags and crests over eight tiers, culminating in a magnificent floral arrangement that crowns the cake, adding a final touch of exquisite refinement to this majestic creation.  


Ornate and reminiscent of the Regency era, ‘René’ has a playful Bridgertonesque vibrancy evoking a sense of timeless romance.  

At a grand seven tiers, and finished in ivory icing, this romantic masterpiece seamlessly marries the charm of a bygone era with a contemporary twist.  

Luxury wedding cake, Rene, By Yevnig in the Great Room at Spencer House
René. Image by Xander Casey 
Hand-crafted sugar flowers By Yevnig
René floral details. Image by Xander Casey 
hand-crafted sugar flowers By Yevnig
Hand-crafted sugar flowers. Image by Xander Casey 

Big blooms of sugar-crafted roses coloured with an intense magenta tone and finished with hand-sculpted leaves painted in a vintage gold are swagged around three tiers, allowing the beauty of this cake to be seen from all sides.  

Symbolic of victory and honour in ancient mythology, laurels were worn by Roman emperors, including Julius Caesar, signifying importance and godly status. On this magnificent cake, laurels sit at the top as a harmonious blend of the classical and the modern, creating a true masterpiece that transcends time and style.   


A masterpiece of cake artistry, ‘Empress’ draws inspiration from the captivating craftsmanship of Fabergé. It is a luxurious cake which stands as a testament to meticulous artistic creativity with pillars and deep arches, the finest decorative elements and exquisite colour palette which evoke an opulence alluding to the grandeur of the finest Baroque architecture.  

Luxury wedding cake By Yevng, Empress inspired by Faberge
Empress, inspired by the craftsmanship of Fabergé. Image by Xander Casey

Covered with the finest decorative icing in a tranquil hue blended from duck egg and mint, and adorned with an abundance of hand-crafted rosettes, roses, cherubs, and tiny swags of vine roses, Empress is a showcase of the artist’s fine design and love of ornate details.    

Atop this impressive creation rests a decorative hand-sculpted Fabergé egg, adding a touch of historical grandeur and timeless elegance.  

Princess Grace 

Capturing the very essence of femininity and elegance, ‘Princess Grace’ stands as a masterpiece and a refined evolution of the artist’s cherished design skill. This magnificent, grand and luxurious wedding cake is a bold ode to tradition, offering couples a timeless celebration of love with a contemporary touch.  

Luxury contemporary wedding cake By Yevnig, Grace, in the Great Room at Spencer House
Princess Grace. Image by Xander Casey 

Unfolding across a towering ten tiers, each exquisitely covered in ivory fondant, ‘Princess Grace’ is an embodiment of skill and artistry. Intricately hand-crafted decorative elements adorn every tier, showcasing the artist’s precision and unwavering attention to detail. Delicate floral swags and crests, and cascades of vines, bear the most delicate of touches. Atop a symphony of elegance sits an urn of sugar-crafted florals, completing the feminine allure of this enchanting cake.  

Decorative details on luxury wedding cake, Princess Grace, By Yevnig
Princess Grace decorative details. Image by Xander Casey 
Decorative details on luxury wedding cake, Princess Grace, By Yevnig
Prince Grace decorative details. Image by Xander Casey 
Decorative details on luxury wedding cake, Princess Grace, By Yevnig
Decorative details. Image by Xander Casey 

Luxury Indulgent Dessert Table 

A lavish showcase of Renaissance-inspired flavours that gracefully dance across the palate, our opulently abundant Dessert Table presents a decadent array of exquisite delights, where each treat is a masterpiece crafted with refinement and precision.  

The Great Room at Spencer House with By Yevnig luxury wedding cakes and opulent indulgent dessert table
Luxury Indulgent Dessert Table. Image by Xander Casey 

Designed to match the grandeur of any occasion, this feast of sweet treats is perfect for couples seeking to provide their guests with an extravagant selection of desserts.  

Experience the luxurious allure of chocolate truffles, donuts, miniature gift cakes, sweet tartlets, cake pops, drop meringues, macarons, hand-made cookies, bon-bons and much more. Our dessert station features the refinement and precision of the artist and offers a symphony of flavours that will leave a deliciously sweet lasting memory of a beautiful day.  

sweet treats from a luxury dessert table By Yevnig
Sweet delights. Image by Xander Casey 
Luxury bundt cake By Yevnig
Bundt Cake.
Image by Xander Casey 
Platter of delectable hand-made chocolates By Yevnig
Hand-crafted chocolates.
Image by Xander Casey 
Platter of desserts By Yevnig
Delicious desserts.
Image by Xander Casey 

Renaissance By Yevnig Partners 

An incredible powerhouse of an event team came together to make the magic happen. We have been honoured and delighted to work with each one of our partners who brought their professionalism and expertise from the planning stage to production and together we made a corner of London sparkle:  

Venue: Spencer House
Production: Bespoke Events London
Makeup: Francesca Panzera Makeup Artist
Cocktails: Host Hospitality
Linens: Just 4 Linen
Stationery: Leeming Brothers
Florals: Rob Van Helden Floral Design
Hires: Rob Van Helden Prop Hire
Entertainment: Sternberg Clarke
Videography: The Wedding Filmmakers
Planning: Westacott Weddings and Events
Events Consultant: Work With Milan
Photography: Xander Casey

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