Opulent wedding cake By Yevnig with representation of the Imperial State Crown on top. Photographed by Nick Rose Photography at Hampton Court Palace
Imperial Magnificence – A Cake Fit for a king

In celebration of the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, we’re delighted to share the inspiration and story behind our very regal cake, ‘Imperial Magnificence’, a cake fit for a king!

Imperial Magnificence By Yevnig captured by Nick Rose Photography

About the Cake

Designed on commission with the Historic Royal Palaces for an event at Hampton Court Palace, Imperial Magnificence is a commanding 97cm in diameter and 128cm in height. It has 6 tiers of varying shapes including petal and hexagonal with decorative elements such as columns, sculptural floral swags in relief and delicate sugar flowers. 

Sitting atop this ivory show stopping centrepeice is a representation of the Imperial State Crown which King Charles III will reportedly be wearing as he makes his way back to Buckingham Palace after the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. 

The original crown boasts approximately 3000 gemstones, pearls, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds including the Second Star of Africa and the Black Prince Ruby which dates back to the 14th century.

Imperial Magnificence By Yevnig captured by Nick Rose Photography


Opulent with height, breadth and depth of detail, this magnificent cake showcases Yevnig’s creativity, and mastery with the design inspired by the UK’s Royal Palaces.  Each element of this impressive cake pays homage to the architectural details of some of the finest buildings in the UK with floral detailing a nod to the beautiful flowers found in their gardens.

Description of the tiers

The Base: a custom 38” stepped pedestal which was inspired by the grand entrance to Hillsborough Castle. 

The 6th Tier (lowest): a tall petal tier to represent the 6 Historic Royal Palaces, with pillars from Banqueting House and Hillsborough Castle. Cherubs and the crest of petite flowers are inspired by the Ante-Chapel at Hampton Court. The top of the tier features the balcony of Banqueting House.

5th Tier: swags of rosette chains draw their inspiration from planters in the Kew Palace garden.

4th Tier: the famous Hampton Court cloisters and elements of Rubens’ baroque ceiling at Banqueting House feature on each face of a striking hexagon-tier.

3rd Tier: an elegant petal shaped tier with swags of rosette flowers in a variety of sizes, along with pillars and balcony attributes from Banqueting House.

2nd Tier: swags of rosette chains draw their inspiration from planters in the Kew Palace garden.

1st Tier: baroque features on each face of the hexagon tier capture the style of Rubens’ grand ceiling at Banqueting House and cloisters from Hampton Court.

Topper: inspired by the pillars of the Lady Alice’s Temple at Hillsborough Castle, our grand cake is topped by the Imperial State Crown, as kept under armed guard at the Tower of London.

Flower Rings: a garland of delicate handcrafted sugar flowers pay tribute to Lady Diana’s favourites, including Helen Elisabeth Oriental Poppies, Cosmos, White & Blush Sweet Pea, Hydrangeas, Blossoms and Apricot Beauty Tulips, as showcased in the gardens of Kensington Palace.

Flower ring at the base of Imperial Magnificence By Yevnig captured by Nick Rose Photography. Fresh florals by Lavendar Green


Each Royal Palace was also represented by the flavours of the cakes chosen for their cultural, historical, botanical or colourful connection to each venue.

Earl Grey – Tower of London 

Red Velvet – Kensington Palace 

Blueberry & Lemon – Hampton Court Palace 

Orange – Banqueting House 

Pistachio & Rose – Kew Palace 

Lavender – Hillsborough Castle 


Cake: By Yevnig

Venue: Hampton Court Palace

Planners: Historic Royal Palaces Events

Photographer: Nick Rose Photography

Fresh Florals: Lavender Green Flowers

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